May 28, 2010

Cherish Joy, 

Cherish Love

Cherish each other “

Wedding, Renewal of Vows, Funeral,

Naming Day or birthday and other celebrations.


These ‘Rites of Passage’ have the expectancy to have someone who is professional, friendly and caring, as well as a good listener.

Designing your wedding ceremony, assisting in funeral plans of loved one, celebrating the birth of a child, etc.

What a wonderful privilege to be invited into your special event….

So give me a call to book the date, discuss your plans, and start preparing.


Suggested  VENUES – beach, riverside, paddock,farm, vineyard, private chapel, private garden, parkland, waterfall, forest and more – it is what expresses your relationship -the choice is yours.

Whatever and wherever your Theme for your wedding is, I am more than happy to be there sharing and solemnising your marriage, farewelling a loved one, embracing the life of a child – the Rites of Passage deserve a special place and memory.



Congratulations!You are embarking on an exciting journey in your life together.I will be delighted to assist you and be a part of your ceremony and to make it the special day you had dreamed of.Designing your special day that depicts you and your partners relationship whether it is a short simple but elegant ceremony to one that represents family and cultural values  with symbolism, etc.It is your day and ‘tailoring’ it to your requirements is what is important.To guide you in your wedding plans there are numerous internet sites for Vows, Ring Vows, Readings, Songs, Poetry, Symbols and so on. i.e.  http://weddings.about.com



Have you thought of using the vows you spoke to each other on your wedding day?  Or perhaps you wish to share a depth of your relationship in prose to one another with special friends about you.

You can also use symbols in your ceremony such as the candle ceremony or even the ring warming ceremony – especially if you are using new rings on this occassion.



This can be for the celebration of new babe, a child, an adult, perhaps you have changed your name and wish to celebrate its meaning.

You may not be into ‘baptisms’ but know that deep meaning of dedicating your child with a prayer of thanks for this wonderful life that has been given to you, or you have the  understanding of the meaning of one’s name and what that holds……



This has a meaning in different ways……I heard of one who had survived suicide and realised just how precious life is and decided to celebrate the victory of life with treasured ones about him.  This is a very powerful celebration.

There are many reasons why one would like to ‘celebrate life’ – it can be a milestone birthday, or perhaps celebrate the memory  of  a loved one……



This is not an easy time for loved ones to farewell a member of their family, however, to do a ceremony that enables family, friends to give honour and respect  through poems, reflection, as well as the telling of stories of a journey shared, to say ‘goodbye’ or  ‘until we meet again’.    The release of balloons or doves can be used at the end of the ceremony, people have used other symbols to say farewell to a beloved.



This is  a special moment where there may be a private service prior and yet providing time for friends and relations to gather together at a venue that will allow a ‘screen play’ of a life lived, where history is told and remembered and afternoon tea is enjoyed amidst stories and reconnection.  OR perhaps its a gathering in the  family backyard and special spot has been chosen for tree planting or the spreading of ashes………The wishes of the deceased being fulfilled……..


Whatever the occasion I would be delighted and privileged to be included in your special day working with you to make it successful and a beautiful memory.


1 Corinthians 13:4-8 

  • “Love is kind and patient,

  • never jealous, boastful, proud, or rude.

  • Love isn’t selfish or quick tempered.

  • It   doesn’t keep a record of wrongs that others do.

  • Love rejoices in the truth, but not in evil.

  • Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful, and trusting.

  • Love never fails! “



‘Adore’ Celebrancy

Jo-Anne Jolley

Advanced Diploma in Celebrancy

incl. Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy

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  • FEES

    Please contact me to discuss your requirements.
    My services include -
    * Initial consultation
    * Further consultations, other information, emails, phone calls to 'tailor make' your special day
    * Rehearsal
    * Ceremony Certificate
    * Sound equipment incl. microphones and stands
    * Signing table and chairs with covers
    * Memorable Order of Service for couple (keepsake copy)