On the invitation to cover yourself and to avoid disappointment for your guests….always have an alternate venue if you are marrying outside ie gardens, beach…have a mobile number for guests to contact to find out where the venue is continuing …umbrellas required, etc.  Record a message for callers -make sure the phone is charged….

Keep hydrated (water) on the day… small meal ie platter of fruit and sandwiches  for bridal party and groomsmen to nibble on during the preparation of the day….

Have some water on hand – esky – especially if it is a hot day don’t want guests parched!


The custom of the bride wearing something blue at her wedding dates back many years – ever since the colour blue has been thought to promote purity and fidelity.  This belief has evolved from the brides wearing a blue ribbon, through sewing a blue band around the hem of the bridal dress, to the current blue garter.

The Maori people of New Zealand traditionally wore wedding rings made of carved bone or greenstone. The ‘INFINITY LOOP” has spiritual meaning of neverending love.   Some modern Maori weddings still feature a ceremonial welcome to the bride and groom and a traditional warrior challenge.   The wedding ceremony is conducted by a tribal elder.

Joining of hands – The Roman custom became the symbol of marriage by consent.

Anniversaries –
1st year       Cotton or paper
3rd year      Leather
5th year      Wood
12th year    Linen and silk
10th year    Tin
15th year    Crystal
20th year    China
25th year   Silver
30th year     Pearl or Ivory
35th year     Jade or Coral
40th year    Ruby
45th year     Sapphire
55th year     Emerald
60th year     Diamond


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