Symbolism & Culture

Have you considered using symbolism or cultural aspects in your ceremony?

As we are a nation of diverse cultures and religions if you wish to incorporate or compliment your wedding ceremony with some unique cultural features we can assist you.

A number of symbolisms have been used such as –

  • Sand Ceremony – this is great with blended families coming together as a unit
  • Candle Ceremony – representing two becoming one
  • Warming of the rings- allowing guests to bless the rings
  • Lock Ceremony –  lock and key.
  • Love Knot/Ribbon Ceremony
  • Hand Fasting Ceremony
  • Remembrance Candle
  • Lasso Ceremony
  • Sake/Wine Ceremony

Also family/friends are welcomed to be a part of the Ceremony in bringing a reading, participate in a cultural feature such as Aboriginal Elder and a smoking ceremony.   Moari chief in feather cloak or traditional garments or Moari dance.  There is a rich heritage within cultures that can be shared as part of you……

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